5 Ideas for Upcycled Picture Frames

Upcycled picture frames are a popular idea in design. Recycling old objects to create new useable frames is a fun project. These upcycled frames can be used to decorate your own home or even given as gifts. Upcycled picture frames are also a great idea for an online craft business.

Upcycled Picture Frame Ideas #1

Old barn wood is a huge trend in decorating, so it is no surprise that this should extend to picture frames especially for those HDB interior design 4 room flat. Search your local paper for free old barn wood or even take a drive through the country to search for your own. You never know what you may come across that someone may be wishing to clear off their land.

Look for pieces that are flat and not warped by exposure to the elements. These will be the easiest to build frames from.

Upcycled Picture Frame Ideas #2

Recycling old rope is another easy idea to create upcycled picture frames. For this look I like to also recycle a wood frame. You can cut your rope into lengths that can line each side of the frame. Try cutting the rope in 45 degree angles so when you glue the onto the wood frame they match the lines of the beveled wood.

This same idea can be used with any material ranging from old silverware to vintage photos.

Upcycled Picture Frame Ideas #3

Old Coke cans are another great source of cheap material to create recycled picture frames. You can cut up old soda cans into squares and tack them onto existing wood frames. Glue is also an option for attaching the metal. Try using square top tacks for an older look.

Tip: Try hammering out the metal squares. This will give a great hammered metal look.

Upcycled Picture Frame Ideas #4

Old cabinet doors make wonderful recycled picture frames in a variety of ways. You can paint out the old doors and attach pictures on top using those old fashioned triangle tabs to hold pictures in place.

Another option is to cut out the center of the doors to create an opening just like in the middle of a traditional frame. Leave the door hardware in place for a fun look. These will be wonderful conversation starters.

Tip: When cutting out the middle panel cut out a groove behind the door that mirrors the edge of the opening. This will allow you to slide in a piece of glass or Plexi-glass.

Upcycled Picture Frame Ideas #5

This final idea is a great way to create a picture frame folding screen recycling a myriad of old materials. Take 3 to 5 old wood doors and use hinges to screw them together to create a folding screen. Now, take all those unused cheap wood frames from old projects and paint them out in fun colors. Fill the frames with photos and screw into place all over the doors.

You can create an entire wall of photos without ever putting a nail in your walls. This one is perfect for renters.